Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reverse Swing Nearly Lost in ODI Cricket

V V Kujur | Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | |
You have seen bowler bowling reverse swing,lethal weapon for pace bowlers but now as a cricket fan or spectators have You ever noticed it is nearly lost in one day internationals (ODI)cricket matches, because two white balls are used now from start of match in one day international cricket match,from each end,in both innings of One Day International cricket matches.That makes 25 overs bowled with each ball from each ends.So the ball now does not become sufficient good enough or it does not tear and wear to start reverse as it has leather covering  still in good condition as both the portion around the seem of ball are still hard.And on same time it does not allow surface of leather sufficient friction with nearby air to start reverse.

The concept of using two white balls simultaneously came into rule following a fact that white ball becomes dirty soon and it does creates visibility problem to batsman.On other hand a white ball generally starts reversing when it is 30 plus over old due to roughness of leather cover on white ball,as a speciality white ball starts reversing earlier in comparison to red ball,but now a days red ball is no more used in one day cricket.You have seen bowlers and fielders keeping one half of the white ball shiny by rubbing but this was the case when white ball was used for 36 overs ,according to old rule a single white ball was used for up to 36th overs in one day cricket and after 36th over new white ball was introduced,this gives ample time to start reversing as the texture of the white ball is good enough for bowlers to ball a reverse swing for at least 5 - 6 overs.But now the introduction of two white ball from start of one day cricket match have ceased the occurrence of reverse swing and the pace bowlers are deprived of this extra asset in their bags.

This has affected many pace bowlers around the world ,who has mastery over this art of bowling in cricket,some of them include Umar Gul of Pakistan,Jaheer Khan of India,Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka and many other too into this list.Reverse swing is very helpful in the later overs in a one day cricket match.All this bowlers used reverse swing as a asset in slog overs to control the run rate of opposition and this tool has also given this bowlers many wickets too.The introduction of two white balls at each end have paralysed mainly fast bowlers in the slog overs.

Though this introduction have taken the reverse swing away from the bowler but on same time this have provided more chances of traditional swing to fast bowlers in the starting overs of a one day cricket match as both balls maintain the hardness and shine for a longer time (nearly 15 - 20 overs ) in comparison to older rule changing white ball after 36 overs bowled,particularly on hard pitches and good seeming conditions of South Africa and Australia for one day international cricket matches.

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livescore said...

Yeah you're absolutely right the past domination of fast bowlers is I think lost somewhere in the wild and now a days there aren't do many good fast bowlers as there once used to be in teams.And the old reverse swing of the pacers have disappeared and I think one of the main reasons for this is that ICC have decided to use two new balls in One Day Cricket so a 20 or 25 over ball can not reverse swing.

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